Dagens citat är långt, men mysigt. Jag blir alltid lite varm inombords när jag läser det här inledande stycket till ett av kapitlen i Last Night’s Fun.

We used to play in pubs, houses, buses, cars and aeroplanes; we played on roadside verges, backs of lorries and street corners; in backyards, gardens, haystacks, alleyways and entries; we played in schools and old folks’ homes and hospitals; we played for visiting ambassadors and Lord Mayors of small rural boroughs; we played in festivals and feisanna and fleadhanna; in competitions miscellaneous and specific; we played for dancers and non-dancers; we played on boats on seas and loughs; we played for the lifeboatman in Orkney on his night-shift; we used to love to play in public toilets for their great acoustics; we played in the Fall Baths, Belfast, and in the Bonnie Doon Shopping Mall in Edmonton, Alberta; we played on motorway hard shoulders and abandoned railway platforms, on mountains and by mountain streams; we played for seals on the shore of Rathlin Island; we played on piers and promenades and broken bridges; we played in broken-down trains to pass the time; we played in markets, fairgrounds, and in grand piazzas; we played in bushes, hedges, ditches; we played in Garrison; we played for demonstrations and assertions of the world to come, for Civil Rights and Women’s Lib; we competed with the discos next door in hostelries far and near, and couldn’t hear ourselves; we played in Docker’s Clubs and Postmen’s Clubs and Bakers’ Clubs; we played for Polish and Brazilian seamen; we played beneath the stars and as the sun was rising; we played in vacant pigsties; we played in snowstorms under butchers’ awnings, and in the long grass at the back of rural pubs in summer; in mountain shacks and shebeens and in Italian cafés; we played mutedly in ‘shut’ pubs on Good Friday and in the Holy Hour on Easter Sunday; in Floral Halls and Orange Halls; we played in The Arcadia; we played in The Felon’s Club and in The Trocadero; we played in front of the Acropolis.
— Ciaran Carson

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